HAM BrainBite 8 - HAM Maturity

Welcome to the Hardware Asset Management (HAM) BrainBite for HAM Maturity. 

This course looks at all the elements within HAM Maturity, including an understanding on what this actually means, how it can be beneficial for your HAM function and what YOU can do to improve your organisations Hardware Asset Management maturity!
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What's included?

  • 4 Key Modules
  • Full Video Course
  • Detailed explanation of HAM Maturity
  • Certification upon completion of the Exam

Increasing HAM Maturity

We discuss hints and tips on how you can improve your organisations Hardware Asset Management (HAM) maturity, and why achieving a "Dynamic State" is important!

HAM Maturity Questions

We will also explain the purpose and benefits of the actual Hardware Asset Management Maturity Assessment, including what is typically expected of you, who to involve and what the outputs are like. 

Course Contents

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

David Foxen

David has been in the IT Asset Management industry his whole working life. He has implemented successful IT Asset Management (ITAM), Software Asset Management (SAM) and Hardware Asset Management (HAM) in a large number of organisations.

He has also saved tens of millions of pounds via contract renegotiation, internal audits (hardware, software, Cloud & SaaS) and optimising existing Assets.

Whilst always looking to learn, he is very enthusiastic and passionate about Software Asset management, IT Asset Management, Mobile Asset Management, Software Licensing and Cloud computing.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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