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Barry Pilling
Licensing Lead Trainer
Barry Pilling is a seasoned software asset management consultant who has built a career specialising in datacentre and cloud platform licensing. Heis an expert in licensing from a range of vendors including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Red Hat, Citrix, VMware and Micro Focus.
Over the years, Barry has accrued millions of pounds' worth of cost savings and avoidance for his clients, which include some of the world's largest and most complex organisations globally. He is passionate about imparting on his knowledge to other ITAM and commercial professionals, whilst sharing his own experiences and helping to improve the IT asset management industry.
David Foxen
ITAM Lead Trainer
David Foxen has been in the IT Asset Management industry for his whole working life. He has implemented successful IT Asset Management (ITAM), Software Asset Management (SAM) and Hardware Asset Management (HAM) in a significant number of organisations. He has saved billions of pounds through contract renegotiation, internal audits (hardware, software, Cloud & SaaS) and optimising existing assets.
Along with his eagerness to learn, David is also very enthusiastic and passionate about Software Asset management, IT Asset Management, Mobile Asset Management, Software Licensing and Cloud computing.
Joseph Powell
Technical Lead Trainer
Joseph Powell has worked with prominent multinational corporations and large-scale public sector organisations for over a decade, guiding them through their technical ITAM journeys.
He has worked on both sides of the spectrum, providing internal technical support and, more recently, external consultancy training, and implementation guidance that organisations require.
Joseph was awarded Snow Software’s UK Technical Champion of 2014 and 2015.
With access to ITAM Academy resources and support. Anyone, anywhere can learn new skills and transform their lives.
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